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Please read through all of this before applying

Guildname: Casually Serious
Server: Blade's Edge
Raiding schedule: We raid 3 days a week; Thursday, Monday, Tuesday
Raiding time: 20.00 to 23.00 Server Time (When progressing raiding schedule and time can be flexible)

Recruitment openings

We are always interested in exceptional players so in theory all classes/ specs are open for recruitment. However we are currently most interested in those listed in the recruitment section.

What makes Casually Serious unique?

Casually Serious is a guild that has already existed for around 4 years. We as a guild have always strived to promote a healthy balance between raiding and real life commitments for our members, while also maintaining a heavy focus on progression. For us the quality of raids is by far the most important.

Our community spirit within the guild (and server) is valued very highly and we view it as one of Casually Serious's primary strengths

We of Casually Serious take pride in our history and former accomplishments. We've been raiding since the end of Wotlk and finished all the content in that expansion including bosses like Lich King and Anub'arak.

We operate in a drama free zone, where any individual will be able to progress in terms of skill, while still having the very most important aspect of a game: Fun!

We always strive to improve and that's what you can expect from the guild's future.

What we expect from you

We have made a few guidelines for how we view an ideal candidate;

Experience, skill and gear

• You have a deep insight into your own class and spec.
• You know exactly which stats/gems/rotation/abilities will maximize your performance in a raid.
• You have a strong sense of awareness, surviving and adapting rapidly to any situation should present no problem for you.
• We value skill and personality higher than gear, however a recruit has to be decently geared to jump in current endgame raiding.


• You can attend at least 90% of the raids.
• You're able to tell us up front when you aren’t available.


• You value team spirit highly.
• You posses a healthy portion of common sense and use it.
• We value your opinion and you will get room to express yourself, but you also know when to be quiet and listen.
• You continuously seek to improve yourself and innovate your gameplay.
• You must be able to receive criticism and you don’t make drama.
• You understand how to be a part of a multinational group and you treat your co-players with respect.
A good sense of humor is a must


• It is a plus for your application to have a good geared alt or able to make use of a good offspec.

Trial Period

There is no set trial period in our guild, you will be promoted when we feel you have proved to us that you are a good asset to our guild.

Loot Distribution

Loot council.

Our loot priority is Raider Rank > Trial > Alt (Socials/Alts will in normal circumstances not raid)

Extra Info

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers in game.

Guild Master: Luigí

Officers: Swaggins, Yíxs